Media and Materials


“Art about mathematics” (Rinus Roelofs)

“Catastrophes, diseases and crimes: risk prediction with mathematics” (Rosario Delgado)

“The Big Data phenomenon” (Lali Soler)

“Impact Evaluation in science vocation” (Digna Couso & Sergio Marco)

“Role-play of coordinates & function dance” (Grup cúbic)

Function dance video


More photos are avaible in


Open plenary conference 1: “Art about mathematics”  by Rinus Roelofs.    

Open plenary conference 2: “Catastrophes, deseases, crimes: risk prediction with mathematics”  by Rosario Delgado.    

Inspiring conference 1:  “The Big Data phenomenon” by Lali Soler:       

Inspiring conference 2:  “Impact evaluation in science vocation” by Digna Couso and Sergio Marco   

Inspiring conference 3: “Role-play of coordinates & function dance” by Grup Cubic and MMACA:     


Here you go the MATRIX 2018 proceedings with an official ISBN number. You can download it and print it if you need it.

Thank you everyone for your contributions!